The Dreaming Vol. 1: Pathways and Emanations (the Sandman Universe)

One of four books expanding Neil Gaiman s acclaimed Sandman Universe There is a place where gods are born and stories are spun Today its walls lie slashed and bleeding Twenty three years after he was anointed as its master, the lord of dreams has inexplicably abandoned his domain Lord Daniel s a

Hotel Dare

It s not your typical family vacation when Olive, and her adopted siblings Darwin and Charlotte find themselves falling into other worlds as they explore Grandma Lup s strange hotel.OPEN THE DOOR ADVENTURE AWAITS Olive and her adopted siblings Charlotte and Darwin are spending the summer with the

Hot Comb

Hot Comb offers a poignant glimpse into black women s lives and coming of age stories as seen across a crowded, ammonia scented hair salon The titular story Hot Comb is about a young girl s first perm a doomed ploy to look cool and to stop seeming too white in the all black neighborhood her f