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Dumped, Actually X PDF Epub X Dumped, Actually By Nick Spalding XA Oknalubliniec When Ollie Sweet Is Very Publicly Dumped By The One , His Seemingly Perfect World Dissolves Into Misery, Self Pity, And A Bizarre Rooftop Meeting With A Suicidal Man In Flip Flops While Most Would Seek Out The Support Of Loved Ones At Such A Torrid Time, Natural Born Journalist Ollie Asks The Subscribers Of His Website How Did They Get Over Their Failed Relationships When Ollie Follows Some Of Their Extreme Advice, Chaos Inevitably Ensues, Including Accidentally Exposing Himself To Some Unsuspecting Wildlife, Jumping Out Of A Perfectly Serviceable Aeroplane, And Suffering From An Extremely Painful Bottom, Courtesy Of A Maniacal ScotsmanOf Course, All Of This Goes Down A Storm With His Online Following, And Ollie Soon Finds Himself The Centre Of Everyone S Attention Whether He Likes It Or Not With His Eclectic Collection Of Supporters To Guide Him, Can Ollie Mend His Broken Heart, Heal His Broken Bottom, And Learn To Find Happiness Again

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 309 pages
  • Dumped, Actually
  • Nick Spalding
  • English
  • 22 May 2018

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    I discovered this author about six months ago when I found Dry Hard on NetGalley, and loved its mix of comedy and insightful relationship drama I bought several of his other books on the strength of that, and read and quite enjoyed Bricking It, although didn t find it quite so funny This one was the same there are plenty of snigger worthy moments but nothing that had me laughing out loud What I did really like was the moral of the story.Ollie Sweet, 30 something journalist on a struggling Internet magazine, has planned the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Samantha s 29th Birthday, inspired by the Rom Com movies he adores, so is gobsmacked and devastated when she not only says no, but dumps him in front of a crowd of onlookers His boss, Erica, persuades him to write about it, and, figuring he couldn t possibly feel worse, he pens an article describing his experiences, and asking for ideas on how to help heal his broken heart To his amazement, it goes viral, and so he follows it up with stories about these suggestions, from a manscaping makeover to camping in a forest As his success starts to turn the magazine s fortunes around, through some mortifying but hilarious adventures, Ollie learns s...

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Dumped, Actually follows nice guy Ollie, who after being dumped by his girlfriend, sets out to change his life by following the guidance of the subscribers to his column What follows is a funny, strange yet heartwarming story about the quirky nature of humans and how the kindness of strangers can lead to monumental life changes along the road to self discovery I instantly warmed to Ollie as a character I found him genuine, if a little too nice At times I wanted him to be a bit grittier, and a bit less pathetic especially in the beginning He s a bit of a push over without a backbone, but as the story progresses Ollie starts come into his own, and it was nice to see the overall arc and character development I find there s not enough male characters like Ollie in contemporary fiction, so it was a refreshing change Some of the situations Ollie ...

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    Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding4 StarsThank you to Lake Union publishing for an advanced eARC of this book.Dumped, Actually is the story of Oliver Sweet and his yearning to get over a devastating break up that ultimately turns into a quest for self discovery Oliver is equal parts funny, lovable, frustrating and an idiot Starring a motley crew of characters, we get to watch as he meets a pseudo masochistic Scotsman, a not so whimsical friend, a fiery red head, a charitable Italian lover and an Old Boy type called Benedict We follow Ollie a writer for a website as he tries readers tips for getting over heartbreak What follows is the usual hilarity and poignancy that you expect with Nick Spalding books I ve been a fan since I read his first book waaaay back in 2012 and, judging by this latest effort, will continue to be Dumped, Actually packs hilarious moments side by side with human beings trying to do what they do best or worst figure things out The first 3 4 of the book trundle along nicely Whilst the set up is pretty evident from the second chapter, the actual tales that unfold within each chapter are not Around a quarter of the way in, there s a fairly trippy scene which I m not sure quite fit with the rest of the book but lay the groundwork for the finale The latter chapters are strai...

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    Another nice tongue in cheek almost rom com from Mr Spalding I think I enjoy his books so much because they are from the male perspective when so many of these books are considered women s fiction and written off as romance books His writing proves that this isn t just for women And in this case, it is almost a matter of a guy with too much romance Poor Ollie Sweet loves Samantha and is devastated when she turns down his proposal He doesn t understand why he keeps getting dumped Since he is an columnist for an online e zine, he shares his struggles with his readers Their responses are terrific and lead to some hysterical adventures on the part of Ollie Too bad this wasn t done years ago so that Hugh Grant could play Ollie in the screen adaptation As I ve come to expect from Mr Spalding, his characters are truly loveable and the stories are pure fun I love these fluffy rea...

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    I was curious to see how I would rate this book for me Bricking It, a previous book by Splading, was the funniest book I had ever experienced and I didn t see this being any better Boy, was I wrong It s the utter comedy perfection I ve come to expect from this author but also a really really REALLY good story with loveable, well developed characters and antics that keep you wanting to turn the page to see what happens next I don t remember the last time I ve laughed as much as while reading this book, its definitely one you don t want to read sat alone in a coffee if you re conscious of people staring I was there blurting out proper belly laughs, not just cute little chuckl...

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    After falling in love with Nicks writing after reading Mad Love I was excited to read his latest book and it didnt disappoint.I don t think I ve ever laughed as much reading a book as when I m reading books by Nick Spalding and this one had me with tears rolling down my face at times.The book follows writer Ollie and how he writes a column to help him get over ...

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    Oliver the MC is sweet and lovable but also a total pushover and sometimes idiot, to the point that some of his actions were exasperating At the beginning of the story I wasn t sure if he would win me...

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    This book needs to be adapted into a 20 episode series Ollie and his life encounters since getting dumped A definite entertainer One of the funniest writings I have come across these past few months.

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    A novel about lost love and coping with the aftermath of being publicly dumped Oliver Ollie Sweet is a journalist and lives up to his name He really is very sweet and perhaps a little bit wet at times The novel begins with a day out with Ollie and his girlfriend Samantha at a amusement park where Ollie has big plans to propose And it all goes down hill from there Samantha publicly humiliates him by saying no and we launch into a very depressed time for Ollie, trying to understand where he always goes wrong with girlfriends past There is even a very bizarre meeting with a suicidal man in a flip flops at the top of a car park which leads to an unlikely but funny friendship between two lost souls So launches Dumped Actually his column in a online website and through advice sent in by his readers, we follow him through many hilarious events in an attempt for him to get over Samantha and finally find himself Ollie soon finds himself being the centre of attention of hundreds and thousands of readers, whether he likes it or not Does his chance at being happy depend on love or actually finding himself I have read a few of Nick Spalding s novels in the past and they never fail to disappoint It is totally refreshing to read a romance novel in the eyes of the male protagonis...

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    This is a portion of the review on my blog Trails of Tales is crying with laughter And then there is laughing with so much uncontrollable exuberance that the stich is not just limited to the side but your whole body is thrown into a state of paralysis and you start worrying that you might not come out of it.The kind of laughter where the pain in your jaw prevents you from making a rhythmic hahahaha sound so you settle for a seemingly endless and breathless Haaaaaaaaaa Yeah, that kind of laughter is what possessed me while I read Dumped, Actually And while I might like to indulge in the occasion bouts of exaggeration, this is me being completely honest.Nick Spalding s Dumped, Actually is an absolute laugh riot with a purpose Through his inspired creation of Ollie, an amazingly ordinary character who is capable of holding a mirror to any and every kind of reader, Nick Spalding takes us all on the journey of self acceptance And if you think that that would mean some parts of the book might turn out preachy, then you are utterly wrong It is an exquisitely hilarious book through and through.Ollie s blundering experiences and uproarious moments of realization tries to make us understand the most fundamental of concepts in life you cannot find the perfect love we all wish for if you have never truly loved yourself Want to find the One Start treating yourself like the One of your own life No one e...

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