Million Dollar Marriage (Million Dollar, #2)

Million Dollar Marriage (Million Dollar, #2) Reading Million Dollar Marriage Million Dollar, By Katy Evans Truongnguyenwedding From New York Times Bestselling Author Katy Evans Comes A Hot Romance About Two Strangers And Their Race To Fall In Love If Someone Had Bet Nell A Million Dollars That She Would Be Saying I Do To A Complete Stranger On National Television, She D Have Called Them Crazy, But With Her Crushing Student Loan Payments Sending Her Deep Into The Red, She S Out Of Options This Should Be Nothing Than A Business Transaction Until She Sets Eyes On Her Groom, And Everything ChangesThe Game Is On The Instant Luke Spots Penelope Nell Carpenter He S Out For The Money, Yes, But Getting A Little Dirty With Nell Doesn T Sound Too Bad Either Everyone Knows He S Not The Marrying Kind, So It S A Good Thing It S Just For Show God Knows He S The Worst Guy His Pretty Wife Should Pick For RealThey Have Nothing In Common, But If They Want The Grand Prize, They Ll Have To Beat Out Eight Other Couples Proving That Total Opposites Attract Should Be Easy Enough As Long As They Don T Fall In Love In The Process authorKatyEvansTwitter authorkatyevansWebsite

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 266 pages
  • Million Dollar Marriage (Million Dollar, #2)
  • Katy Evans
  • English
  • 24 May 2017

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    We already met Luke as James s best buddy in the first book He runs his late grandpa s bar in Atlanta And he desperately needs money to pay for his grandma s care facility and to pay off the bar s debt.Nell is almost done with her final degree She has many of them she s almost a doctor now Not a medical one though Not really a doctor anyone will give her much money for She s not sure what she wants to do with all her degrees The only thing she knows is that she needs half a million dollars to pay off her student loans.Enter MILLION DOLLAR MARRIAGE.A new and very mysterious reality tv show The winner will get a million dollars.Shy nerd Nell hates tv and people and being at the center of attention but she has no other choice.Sexy tattoed Luke is alway the life of the party he thinks it should be easy to win the money LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN WHAT WiLL HAPPEN TO NELL LUKE WiLL WE GET A HEA READ THE BOOK TO FiND OUT THAT WAS ADORABLE I just loved it.I wasn t expecting something so fun and sparky and adventurou...

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    Luke and Nell are both strapped for cash so they take part in a reality tv gameshow where they compete against other couples to win a big cash prize She s an academic, perpetual student, an introvert who s shy with self esteem issues, drifting through life racking up student loans He s a social animal, extrovert, rough around the edges and a reformed addict I had a hard time with this I didn t feel any tension or chemistry between them either at the start when they hated one another or later when they didn t They didn t feel authentic to me, they were too conveniently different, I wasn t buying it.The reality gameshow plot was imagin...

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    ARC received thanks to publisher Netgalley.superrrrr cuuuute.

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    Behind the scenes Imagine a reality show like The Bachelor combined with something like The Amazing Race Now think if you d be interested to know what happens behind the scenes You are Ok, great Then this is a book made especially for you.Considering I DNF ed the first book in the Million Dollar Series, by some miracle I was granted this ARC for the second book and I actually liked it A lot Our main characters are contestants in a new reality show named Million Dollar Marriage They re both drowning in debts, so this is they re only chance to start fresh Polar opposites, they don t seem to stand a chance One is a genius Doctor and the other a former junkie, bar owner and school drop out What makes this story interesting is seeing how these two people form a connection, despite being so different How your education isn t as important as being a good person or having a beautiful soul I m a fan of reality shows and it was fascinating reading about one, instead of watching it A new experience for me Of course I got sucked into the actual competition, cheering for our MCs and dying to see what happens next I gave it a 4 because of the last 15% of the book, the climax and the d nouement Here are my issues with this story The first one was our hero deciding he s in love right after a BJ The heroine starts by cringing at the f words and being a total wallflower, but in the end she s completely chang...

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    This totally ruined The Amazing Race for me And maybe all other reality shows, too I found myself wanting to throw my Kindle or shout, Pack your knives and go several times.I should have loved this book I m a huge The Amazing Race stan and romances with brainy heroines are my total catnip But ugh, no, Penelope Nell Carpenter is the worst Nell has multiple degrees and is about to get her doctorate, but is facing 500K in student loans For someone supposedly super brainy, Nell figures her only way out is to try out for a reality show even though she looks down on people who watch television In fact, Nell looks down on everyone not like her French literature reading, Baudelaire quoting, classical music loving self In fact, Nell whines constantly about being dumped by her boyfriend and estranged from her parents maybe, Nell, they were just tired of you being so judgmental To her horror, Nell ends up married on tv to Luke Cross, a local bar owner that she immediately deems a dirty yeti that looks like a thug Ser...

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    Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the ARC in exchange for an honest review MillionDollarMarriage NetGalley4 .We have already met Luke from previous book I really enjoyed this one it was a easy, quick read also it was a sweet, ...

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    What an entertaining read this was This was a one sitting read, which hasn t happened in awhile for me Nell and Luke go to a reality show audition for a new show called the Million Dollar Marriage These two are complete opposites like polar opposites He s rough around the edges, and just had a hard life She is innocent, hasn t really dated, or really done anything crazy in her life They have a rough first meet at the audition and she leaves really not liking him at all Several months later, they find out they were both one of the chosen ones, and as fate would have it, they are paired up together on the reality show, and t...

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    I loved this book, I couldn t put it down The concept was really good I would watch the TV programme if they ever made it I loved Luke and Nell They were so different but this books shows opposites do attract and they worked well together through the challenges There was a little bit of angst but in general a feel good book that had you rooting for the H and h The book left me wanting of this couple, I had not read one and this did not detract from ...

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    Sweet predictable read A light hop through a reality game show that shows that it isn t as real as they make it and how the producers can do what they want Total opposites attract story It got old on how they both thought they weren t good enough for the other Penny really ups...

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    4.5 stars I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Million Dollar Marriage is the second book in the Million Dollar series, but it can totally be read as a standalone I haven t read book 1 myself This is my first Katy Evans book and I actually loved it so much Million Dollar Marriage was a fast paced, fun, and adventurous romance that kept me engaged at all times Luke Cross and Penelope Nell Carpenter both need money Fast Nell has a mountain of student loans and Luke needs to pay off mortgages to save his bar They sign up for a brand new reality show called Million Dollar Marriage, where they are forced to get married in order to continue playing They both need the money, so they get married and have to work together to survive multiple rounds of challenges together as a couple You guysthis book is forced proximity at its BEST I would call this forced proximity porn The couple has to camp together in the same tent They need to share the same room and same bed They even get snowbound My forced proximity kink was fulfilled Luke and Nell two are complete opposites Luke is a highschool drop out with a history of drug abuse and Nell is a newly minted academic whose idea of fun is reading textbooks Luke is all brawn and Nell is all brains Here s where my warning comes readers are definitely go...

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