How Many Is Too Many?

How Many Is Too Many? ➶ How Many Is Too Many? Free ➬ Author Philip Cafaro – From The Stony Streets Of Boston To The Rail Lines Of California, From General Relativity To Google, One Of The Surest Truths Of Our History Is The Fact That America Has Been Built By Immigrants The Phrase Itself Has Become A Steadfast Campaign Line, A Motto Of Optimism And Good Will, And Indeed It Is The Rallying Cry For Progressives Today Who Fight Against Tightening Our Borders This Is All Well And Good, Philip Cafaro Thinks, For The America Of The Past Teeming With Resources, Opportunities, And Wide Open Spaces But America Isn T As Young As It Used To Be, And The Fact Of The Matter Is We Can T Afford To Take In Millions Of People Any We Ve All Heard This Argument Before, And One Might Think Cafaro Is Toeing The Conservative Line, But Here S The Thing He S Not Conservative, Not By A Long Shot He S As Progressive As They Come, And It S Progressives At Whom He Aims With This Book S Startling Message Massive Immigration Simply Isn T Consistent With Progressive Ideals Cafaro Roots His Argument In Human Rights, Equality, Economic Security, And Environmental Sustainability Hallmark Progressive Values He Shows Us The Undeniable Realities Of Mass Migration To Which We Have Turned A Blind Eye How Flooded Labor Markets In Sectors Such As Meatpacking And Construction Have Driven Down Workers Wages And Driven Up Inequality How Excessive Immigration Has Fostered Unsafe Working Conditions And Political Disempowerment How It Has Stalled Our Economic Maturity By Keeping Us Ever Focused On Increasing Consumption And Growth And How It Has Caused Our Cities And Suburbs To Sprawl Far And Wide, Destroying Natural Habitats, Driving Other Species From The Landscape, And Cutting Us Off From Nature In Response To These Hard Hitting Truths, Cafaro Lays Out A Comprehensive Plan For Immigration Reform That Is Squarely In Line With Progressive Political Goals He Suggests That We Shift Enforcement Efforts Away From Border Control And Toward The Employers Who Knowingly Hire Illegal Workers He Proposes Aid And Foreign Policies That Will Help People Create Better Lives Where They Are And Indeed He Supports Amnesty For Those Who Have, At Tremendous Risk, Already Built Their Lives Here Above All, Cafaro Attacks Our Obsession With Endless Material Growth, Offering In Its Place A Mature Vision Of America, Not Brimming But Balanced, Where All The Different People Who Constitute This Great Nation Of Immigrants Can Live Sustainably And Well, Sheltered By A Prudence Currently In Short Supply In American Politics.

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➶ How Many Is Too Many?  Free ➬ Author Philip Cafaro –
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • How Many Is Too Many?
  • Philip Cafaro
  • 21 May 2018
  • 9780226190655

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    I happened across a description of How Many Is Too Many The Progressive Argument for Reducing Immigration into the United States and couldn t resist reading The topic of immigration is definitely controversial, no matter one s political persuasion However, due to feeling as if it s an extremely important topic, I was very interested in seeing what the author had to say I know that many people have a predetermined view of immigration and nothing will possibly change their view, but I think this should be required reading for all in the United States if interested in the continued growth of the country, and who care at all about quality of life from many different standpoints, including an environmental standpoint, a conservationist standpoint, and and economical standpoint among others I believe that Philip Cafaro makes a very convincing case regarding a reduction in overall immigration legal as well as illegal , supported by much research He states Excessive immigration is currently the main driver of US population growth and a chief cause of sprawl, excessive resource use, stagnating wages, high unemployment, and growing economic inequality For these reasons, progressives committed to sustainabilit...

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    I found it a bit odd at how low of a rating this book has on here Philip Cafaro presents a well reasoned and informed argument against the unsustainable rates and polices the United States has had There s no getting around that simple fact You might disagree, but the case is very strong and rather undeniable Balancing the problem of climate change and population growth in relation to immigration both legal and illegal is the strongest point of this entire book You simply can not be for working to combat climate change and not also be against lowering the worlds population growth Simply allowing everyone to come here at the expense of native born here does nothing but hurt everyone in the long run Working to help build up the countries that so many want to leave should be our goal It s in our best interests and it s in theirs Not everyone can fit in this country Current immigration levels are the highest in U.S history, and undermine attempts to achieve progressive economic, environmental, and social goals For example, insurance, workman s compensation, and taxes add about 40% to the cost of legally employed workers in addition, immigrants are willing to can work for less eg some immigrant construction workers sleep in the houses they construct Thus, it is estimated that illegal workers in Northern Colorado now comprise 50 70% of construction workers, and half in Tex...

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    Full of what should be obvious factoids, implications, and ethical considerations for the immigration and importantly, population debate Plenty of examples showcasing our societies devolution into hypocrisy and emotivism over integrity and goal based, reasoned argumentation 5 stars not because it contains any groundbreaking information it is all readily available and quite obvious, although perhaps often intentionally ignored covered up in the public sphere but because it wi...

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    Philip Cafaro, AB 84AuthorFrom the author Common sense suggests that a growing population leads to sprawling development and greater crowding, pollution and less room on the landscape for other species Common sense and economic theory suggest that flooding labor markets drives down wages for less skilled workers, undermines unionizing efforts and increases economic inequality This book argues that when it comes to immigration driven population growth, common sense is right Pol...

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