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The Painted BirdThe Painted Bird Kindle Epub Author Jerzy Kosi Ski Originally Published In 1965, The Painted Bird Established Jerzy Kosinski As A Major Literary Figure Called By The Los Angeles Times One Of The Most Imposing Novels Of The Decade, It Was Eventuallly Translated Into Than Thirty Languages.A Harrowing Story That Follows The Wanderings Of A Boy Abandoned By His Parents During World War II, The Painted Bird Is A Dark Masterpiece That Examines The Proximity Of Terror And Savagery To Innocence And Love It Is The First, And The Most Famous, Novel By One Of The Most Important And Original Writers Of This Century.

Kosi ski was born Josef Lewinkopf to Jewish parents in d , Poland As a child during World War II, he lived in central Poland under a false identity his father gave him to use, Jerzy Kosi ski A Roman Catholic priest issued him a forged baptismal certificate The Kosi ski family survived the Holocaust thanks to local villagers, who offered assistance to Jewish Poles often at great personal risk

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    Reading this one is like opening an oven door and the WHITE HOT BLAST OF HATRED from every page sears your flesh, scars your brain, and when you finish it you cram it shut with relief and throw it quickly into a box marked Charity although giving this to anyone would not be any kind of charitable act unless they need something to keep the fire going What kind of a shitstorm do we have here For some reason I thought this was the story of a kid caught up in the Holocaust, i.e a ghetto and concentration camp story But it isn t It s the story of 7 year old kid not named who is sent to the remote Polish countryside by his parents in an attempt to keep him safe Fat chance of that The parents appear to have been a little over optimistic The kid avoids the Germans, mostly, but he can t avoid the Poles For the next five years he hops from one ghastly peasant village to another, being taken in by a series of grotesque caricatures psychopaths, sadists, rapists the lot of them Every Polish peasant immediately takes him for a Gypsy and from then on thinks it s okay almost compulsory to inflict the maximum torment their tiny Polish ...

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    The cover of the Mass Market Paperback edition from the 1970s of The Painted Bird features a small section of Hieronymus Bosch hell landscape dressed in sickly green and wearing a white hood, a creature with a man s body and head of a long beaked bird walks on crutches carrying a large wicker basket on its back, and in the basket a small black devil with spiky fingers touches the shoulder of a wary young boy as he whispers into the boy s ear This is an apt cover for Jerzy Kosinski s fictionalized autobiographical novel set in Poland during the reign of Nazi terror in World War 11.I first read this harrowing tale thirty five years ago I have read many dark, disturbing novels filled with brutality of every stripe, including such works as Malamud s The Fixer, Dostoyevsky s The House of the Dead, and Solzhenitsyn s Gulag Archipelago, but, in my view, perhaps because the narrator is a ten year old boy, no novel has its main character live through a painful hell than in The Painted Bird.Several months after reading this novel, the author himself made a visit to a large bookstore in Philadel...

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    Warning I talk about a really gross and disturbing scene from the book in this review, please do not read if you re going to be upset and or offended by talk of graphic sexual violence.This book is one of my dad s favourite books of all time, I don t know how many years he s been telling me to read it now and we ve always had similar opinions on books before But The Painted Bird did not live up to my expectations and the whole idea of it just left a very bad taste in my mouth.Pretty much anyone who s ever had some level of history education will have heard of some of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust, no matter how many times you read about human beings burning the children of other human beings and watching people slowly starve to death because of their race, religion or other factors, it is still just as shocking and horrifying One of the areas sometimes neglected in these accounts of wartime cruelty is the suffering of non German Jews and it may come as a shock to some to learn th...

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    The Real Spoils of WarIn his Being There, Kosinski meditated on the consequences of being socialised entirely through television The Painted Bird considers how a child might be socialised if that doesn t stretch the meaning of the word beyond its limits to the chaos of war and the morally deprived society in which it takes place It s not pretty view spoiler The unnamed protagonist loses contact with his parents at age six, and isn t reunited with them until after he turns twelve During their separation, the boy is subject to the cruelty of the peasant society of rural Poland with its superstitious explanations of all natural phenomena, including the boy s dark hair which makes him anathema as either a Gypsy or a Jew He is also from time to time subject to equivalent cruelty by the invading German Army, not because he is either a Gypsy or a Jew but because he is an orphan with no obvious productive contribution to military efficiency.After a period of understandable confusion, the boy tries desperately to make sense of his new reality His first attempts involve treating his situation in terms of some rational standard if he works hard, keeps his mouth shut, and obeys, he reckons he should be safe Of course, he isn t Cruelty increases without apparent cause or reason.Running away, the boy learns how to survive alone in a forest wilderness But his isolation makes him vulnerable to capture by either the peasants or the Germans Without communal protection he become...

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    I read in the introduction that Kosinski was attacked on several occasions by Polish nationals after publishing this novel This because it s a merciless mockery and indictment of Polish Catholics and in particular the peasantry In the 19th century literature tended to romanticise rural communities A stance that rarely quite rings true nowadays This novel perhaps exaggerates to the other extreme However, one of the most memorable images in The Shoah documentary is the Polish farmer showing how he warned the Jews heading for Treblinka of their imminent fate He makes a throat slitting gesture and then shows all his teeth in a wide grin In that moment you realise he wasn t warning those Jews at all he was mocking them It s a sad fact that the populations of Germany s enemies often implemented Nazi policy much comprehensively and enthusiastically than Nazi allies Italy for example has a much better record than Poland or France for that matter for its behaviour towards Jews By all accounts there was little racism in Italy There are several cases of the Carabinieri destroying a population census in a district rather than handing it over to the Nazis Italians hid Jews there are virtually no cases of them betraying them for cash I read recently that the Gestapo received tens of thousands of letters from French civilians denouncing Jews Poland has ...

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    Recently, I said to a teacher of mine as almost a point of pride that I admire books that are void of sentimentality He responded with, Have you read Jerzy Kosinski No, I hadn t So I immediately sourced a copy of The Painted Bird thinking, sweet, giddy up I ve read plenty of ruthless books I m no wilting daisy, no stranger to pages penned by an extra sharp quill.But this book this book is hardcore Based at least in part on the childhood experiences of the author, this 1965 novel follows the life of a 6 year old Polish boy who is sent away by his parents at the onset of WWII He s meant to stay with a witchy peasant woman in a far away village, but that doesn t last for long The boy is forced to survive in an unfriendly, rural area where he is despised by everyone who sees him because of the darkness of his hair and eyes They don t know whether to hate him because he s a gypsy, or a Jew Either way though, he is in trouble.Written in episodes, each chapter is a story of a new set of circumstances, a new horror show, a new twisted fairy tale, unlike anything you ve read before The child witnesses and endures the worst the world has to off...

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    Malowany Ptak The Painted Bird, Jerzy Kosi skiThe Painted Bird is a 1965 novel, by Jerzy Kosi ski, which describes World War II, as seen by a boy, considered a Gypsy or Jewish stray, wandering about small villages scattered around an unspecified country in Eastern Europe The story begins by introducing the war and link...

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    After reading some of the reviews on here, I m hoping that this will bring some sanity to the steaming heaps of hyperbole Comparisons to the Saw films, torture porn, and complaints that the violence was simply all too gratuitous are the backbone of reviews that completely miss the point and should be dismissed out of hand The purpose of a picaresque narrative is to present to the reader a picture of society and societal involvement that one would otherwise rather ignore, not all truths being pleasant ones Jerzy Kosinski s The Painted Bird and the Picaresque Tradition, Joseph V Ricapito, in Neohelicon 1977 I strongly recommend reading the book from the very beginning Start by reading Jerzy Kosinski s foreword He discusses its reception, some of his motives for writing it, and the background to the story He explains that this is fiction, he also explains, as he does in the pages of the novel, the phenomenon tradition of a painted bird This is the key motif to the story Missing the significance here is missing the point entirely As I mentioned above, most reviewers of this novel read it without even understanding it He also says it was not an autobiographical a...

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